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Ideally, students will purchase a package each year of high school. During grades 9-11th they will purchase "High School Packages" yearly. The goal of these packages is to give students a head start in preparing for their college application. By working with us early on, we can help you select activities, apply for internships and opportunities that will help build your candidacy for college. We will also debrief on class performance (tests, report cards) and strategize to keep you on track academically.


We recommend that students entering the 12th grade purchase a "College Application Package." Those who feel that they only need minimum guidance should purchase the basic package and those who need closer guidance should  purchase the comprehensive package. 


Consultations are conducted over Skype. We encourage and welcome parent involvement.


If you want additional information or have any questions, we encourage you to contact us at info@premiereapplicationconsulting.com or fill out our online contact form.