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Our mission is to help you prepare the best application for College or for Medical school. We have unique expertise in both admissions processes. Admission into top universities is increasingly competitive and admission into any medical school is even more competitive. As such, it is very important for your application to stand out from the other thousands. Many applicants fail to make a compelling case for their candidacy and as such are rejected from their dream schools. This is where our expertise will make the difference by helping you to strategically prepare a winning application. 


Very little meaningful admissions consulting occurs in high schools (particularly public high schools) and college career services. Many applicants with the economic means, enlist the help of various consulting companies who charge $7000+ to provide admissions help. While the cost is outrageous, these individuals gain an advantage over applicants who cannot afford these services. This economic injustice translates to a disparity in outcomes and can derail lifelong dreams. Premiere Application Consulting was birthed out of a desire to level the playing field by providing affordable admissions counseling to college and medical school applicants. As such, we are committed to keeping our prices low and well below that of our competitors. Preparation for college applications begin early in a student's high school career, and preparation for medical school applications begins early in college. As such, we offer yearly support services at both levels to help students thoughtfully shape their experiences and ensure experiences that will strengthen their future applications. Our expertise span beyond the national scene. As such we also offer consulting services to international students who wish to gain admissions to college/university or medical school in the United States.


We are committed to meeting our clients wherever they are in the application process. Using our three-step approach (Research/Strategize/Implement) we help our clients walk past the finish line and have many quality acceptance offers to choose from. We are committed to providing quality, low-cost admissions consulting services to help you achieve your goal.